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Some of the respondents gave a large variety of games as the reason for visiting online casinos; online casinos enable them to play games they miss in traditional casinos. The reasons for visiting online casinos are privacy and the peaceful environment the players can enjoy while gambling online.

Some respondents claimed that they preferred gambling online since it gave them enough time to think and play in peace. While gambling online, they are not disturbed by other casino visitors. Most of them are males, 17 out of 20 were men and 3 were women. As we have already established in the presentation of the age structure, online players are representatives of the younger generation, the oldest interviewee was 44 years old. Most respondents hold middle or high positions in the organization structure of the organizations where they are employed, and have, on average, secondary school or university education. All interviewees use computers and internet on a daily basis and have access to broadband connections. Most of them access online casinos at home, more rarely from their workplace. They have a positive attitude towards the internet and online services and a high degree of trust in the information technology. They do not use the internet to access only online casinos but for other services as well.

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